Sunday, May 8, 2016

A Place to Rest

The final project for Universal Design is a "spatial prosthetic" the goal being to create a place for a person(s) to rest that is for a specific spot or type of spot. This is a group project and I will be working with Kent and Quassi for it. After getting the project brief we sat down together and started brainstorming. We initially focused on places where one might need a place to rest. The stand out ideas were while traveling, shopping and waiting on a bus. After further discussion we decided to focus on the bus stop. We wanted to create a seat the was portable, folding, and easy to attach. We decided that we would make some quick models before our next meeting and discuss which direction to take at that point.

From this point we used a decision matrix to rank the different designs based on different criteria. From there we decided that we were going to make a full scale prototype of the one in the top left, which we are currently calling the butt hammock.

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